Amplify Community Change.

Community Assessment and Evaluation are Complex. We Can Help.


No matter what type of community assessment process you’re working on, IP3 | Assess can help you quickly get and analyze the data that matters. In addition, our application allows you to create custom reports and upload data to reflect the full story.


Tracking long term outcomes alongside progress happening daily, IP3 | Measure helps community partnerships maintain momentum and keep their focus. Our application is designed to help you measure what matters in your community.


What is the long term impact of your work? Where else can your intervention be applied? What stories can you tell to inspire others? With IP3 | Impact we can look to the future. We’re looking for innovators and thought leaders to help design our next app.

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What is the Institute for People, Place, and Possibility?

IP3 builds tools that support community change.

We're a non-profit social enterprise working to create healthy, equitable, and sustainable communities. Our team provides the knowledge and know-how surrounding data and technology that you only get from having slogged through it. Our passion for helping community partnerships create real and lasting change is the foundation for all of the work we do at IP3 and as co-founders and stewards of

We help you separate the signal from the noise.


    Whether it's an assessment of community needs, food environments, or economic impacts, our tools can help.


    We can help you design and tailor data collection instruments that simplify your evaluation efforts.


    Our team brings together technology and thought partners to guide you towards innovative solutions.


    We provide training and user support for community change tools including IP3 Applications and Community Commons.

Since 2011 we have been the hearts and minds behind Community Commons – a place where data, tools, and stories come together to inspire change and improve communities.



Roxanne Medina-Fulcher
Roxanne Medina-Fulcher
Executive Director
Roxanne oversees operations, leads organizational strategy, and assists with high-level project management. She has a Juris Doctorate from Michigan State College of Law and practiced poverty law in Detroit for years before moving into non-profit management.
Crystal Anderson
Crystal Anderson
Operations Manager
Crystal helps bring order to the collective chaos. She manages all IP3 contracts, accounting, and office operations. Crystal has Bachelor of Science in Business Management and has a background in Public Safety, Bookkeeping, and Customer Service.
Erin Barbaro
Erin Barbaro
Product Manager
Erin oversees the design, build, and launch of IP3 applications. She is a master at leading the diverse teams of partners that come together to make IP3 tools so fantastic. Erin has a Master of Arts in Geography from the University of Missouri.
Adam Brietzke
Adam Brietzke
Client Success Specialist
Adam connects with clients to help them achieve success using IP3’s tool set. Adam has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Missouri State University and a diverse professional background in client services, training and development, operations, and project management.
Sara Ivey
Sara Ivey
Project Manager
Sara supports projects with her technical know-how and fosters key partnerships with Community Commons stakeholders. Sara has a Bachelor of Science in Public Health, and a Master of Public Health and a Master of Urban & Regional Planning from Portland State University.
Andrea Waner
Andrea Waner
Communications Manager
Andrea handles all things communications – from content curation for Community Commons to the implementation of new communications strategies for IP3. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Missouri, and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Affairs.
Stacy Wegley
Stacy Wegley
Stacy is a leader in public health and strives to advance the healthy communities movement. She is an artist when it comes to creating collaborative teams and is known for her ability to bring meaning to community engagement processes.