Roxanne Fulcher is the Executive Director of the Institute for People, Place and Possibility, which means she oversees operations and touches nearly all projects and work. What she enjoys the most is creating with our wonderfully quirky Community Commons team!Roxanne has a Juris Doctorate from MI State College of Law and practiced poverty law in Detroit for years before moving into non-profit management for local United Ways in Detroit, MI and Charleston, SC and now at IP3.



Erin Barbaro (1)


Erin Barbaro serves Community Commons as the Product Manager. Erin oversees the design, build, tools, and content on Community Commons. She is a master at balancing the needs of the diverse teams that come together to make the site so fantastic.

Erin has a Master of Arts in Geography from the University of Missouri




Jamie Kleinsorge has been on the Community Commons team since the beginning so she knows when to say “been there, done that” or “let’s give it a try!” Serving as the Project Director she manages the Hubs and is often called upon to lead and implement design sessions.

Jamie has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Western Illinois University and a Master of Science in Rural Sociology from the University of Missouri.




Crystal Lusby is the one that keeps the lights on and oversees our work with partners from onset to completion. As the Executive Assistant for Operations, she helps bring order to the collective chaos.

Crystal has Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and has a background in Public Safety, Bookkeeping, and Customer Service.




Kara Riggs is your go-to person if you’ve ever wondered, “How should I use this data to work with my community?” As our resident Data Specialist, she can be found helping community leaders interpret and visualize their data. We call upon her to help build the bridge between communities and the power of their local data.

Kara has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from The Ohio State University and is currently working on her PhD in Plant, Insect, and Microbial Sciences at the University of Missouri.