September 14, 2017



Our team has worked with thousands of organizations over the past ten years. We recognize that every community and organizational change process is unique but a few commonalities always surface – assessment, measurement, and impact. Our change model and supporting applications are simple, flexible, and transferable. Whether you’re building a movement, reaching for public health accreditation, or measuring the impact of interventions for a grant, our applications will support you through the process.



Assessing community needs on your own can be inefficient and complex. The IP3 | ASSESS app helps you grow the understanding needed to create change.

IP3 | ASSESS is a unique tool for changemakers to more effectively assess communities. It allows you to:

  • View information across flexible geographies – from neighborhood to nationwide
  • Compare data across regions
  • Reduce the time and money typically spent collecting secondary data
  • Operationalize and align reporting to meet regulatory requirements
  • Access the most common and meaningful community-level data sets covering topics like demographics, economics, race, and population health
  • Upload data to reflect local reality or extract to use in other data visualization software
  • Easily embed or share data visualizations – find just the right visualization to tell your story



IP3 | MEASURE helps you track the impact of your efforts to improve community health and well-being.

By documenting long-term outcomes alongside incremental outputs, change-makers can evaluate their impacts and demonstrate progress as projects evolve. Continuous measurement helps community partnerships remain active and engaged.

IP3 | Measure can help to:
• Align information across regions and geographies
• Recognize a “return on reporting” for grantees and communities
• Access common measures and identify areas of substantial change
• Access a dashboard of activity across all communities – quickly tracking overall progress
• Create interactive, annotated trend lines and graphs to make it easy to see progress and compare with peers
• Form teams with flexible roles to view, manage and update data
• Deploy surveys and questionnaires directly from the application to collect primary data
• Annotate data to reflect key interventions or events



What is the long term impact of your work? Where else can your intervention be applied? What stories can you tell to inspire others? IP3 | Assess tells you where you’ve been. IP3 | Measure helps you track what you’re doing today. With IP3 | Impact we can look to the future. We’re looking for innovators and thought leaders to help design our next app.

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We’d love to learn more about your data, assessment, and measurement needs – even if our tools aren’t right for you, we may be able to point you towards a helpful resource or another community doing like-minded work. If our tools are just what you’re looking for, we’d be delighted to tell you more about our customization and deployment process and talk about pricing.