IP3 is currently seeking interested candidates for spring, summer, and fall 2016 to complete their undergraduate and graduate-level internship requirements of at least 100 semester hours.


The purpose of the IP3 internship program is to provide students with an opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real projects and to expand their knowledge community data and data visualizations. Specifically, our internships allow students to experience different aspects of the Community Commons environment as well as the project planning methods that go into managing the site. Interns will gain experience and insight into the varied roles of nonprofit organizations and large government and nongovernment funders.


What does an IP3 Internship offer students?

IP3 offers hands-on experience using the Community Commons platform as a way to communicate data to a variety of audiences. Each internship includes an opportunity for students to engage with IP3 staff, assume an individual role on some aspects of a project, and participate as a member of a team to address project goals and objectives.


What can I expect from an IP3 internship?

During the first phase of the internship, students are assigned a supervisor and participate in an orientation process that includes a detailed look into the Community Commons environment. The intern is introduced to the organization and its current projects. Internship goals, activities, and meeting schedules are established.

During the second phase of the internship, students work towards completion of their primary internship assignments. Students begin working toward one or more project goals. Those tasks can vary from week to week or may be part of one single project.

During the third phase of the internship, students complete the primary internship assignments and finalize any internship reports or presentations. A confidential assessment report is provided to each intern.


When and where are the internships offered?

IP3 offers spring, summer, and fall internships. Internship activities will be carried out primarily at the IP3 office in Columbia, Missouri.


Are internships paid?

No. As a small, nonprofit start-up organization our modest budget does not allow paid internships at this time.


Who may apply?

Any college level student interested in working with a nonprofit organization.


How are interns selected?

IP3 selects interns using a two-phase process. During the first phase, IP3 staff review applications and invite qualified candidates to an initial interview. Applicants who are approved based on phase one are then invited to come in for a second interview or submit written responses to questions. During phase two, IP3 staff review applicants based on the strength of their personal interviews or responses. Applicants are encouraged to familiarize themselves with www.communitycommons.org before the interview process begins.


When should applicants expect to be notified?

IP3 will notify all applicants of results of the review within 2 weeks of the initial interview. Applicants chosen to participate in the internship program will receive instructions on how to formalize their acceptance.


Who do I contact with questions or to submit an application?

Michelle Windmoeller, Digital Content and Communications/Marketing Manager, administrator@i-p3.org. To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume.