IP3 is a not-for-profit social enterprise founded by CARES, Community Initiatives and Transtria, that blends proven community development, public engagement and impact measurement approaches — with a dynamic GIS data engine and leading-edge visualization, decision support and peer learning tools.



CARES (Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems):

A Center at the University of Missouri that makes public data publically accessible as easy-to-use data visualizations. CARES designs and hosts multiple Custom Learning Systems, has scores of public and non-profit clients, and provides the data engine for Community Commons.




Community Inititatives logo

Community Initiatives:

A network of individuals and partner organizations dedicated to building healthy and whole communities. CI offers a unique blend of content and policy expertise, together with the skills and tools essential for genuine collaboration.



transtria logo


An organization with a vision to revolutionize the public’s health by translating evidence to enhance decision-making; transferring skills to sustain research and practice efforts; and transforming health via policy, environmental, economic and social change.